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It’s a shop where you don’t have to pay for the products. Anybody can freely bring stuff (clothes, kitchen tools, books etc.) what they don’t need and others can take items away they find useful.

The aim of the freeshop is to help the recycling of goods. It is particularly helpful for foreign students, who often need things for their stay in Hungary (knives, plates, warm clothes etc.) that they do not want to bring from their home country.

To make the freeshop working we created three rules:

  • at one time one person can take away maximum 3 items,
  • the freeshop is not a political place
  • It is not possible to donate food, used cosmetics and other things that can go bad or need cooling,

We accept:

  • clothes, shoes
  • jewelry, accessories
  • books
  • kitchen tools
  • sports equipment

Opening hours: Monday 6PM – 7PM

Location: dormitory “A”, basement floor